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Nonlinear regression for one substrate and two substrate steady state kinetic data, pH data, inhibition data, tight binding inhibition data, one substrate one activator kinetic data, ligand binding data, exponential data, and dose response data.
Robust fitting, Monte Carlo fitting, global fitting, and statistical reports.
Automatic graphical transforms, publication quality graphs, layouts, and lab notebook.
Lineweaver-Burk, Eadie-Scatchard, Hanes-Woolf, and Woolf-Hofstee Plots.
Binding Calculator
Two Site Binding
Competitive Binding
Activator Kinetics
Two Substrate Kinetics
Tight Binding Inhibition
Twin Graphs
Logarithmic Output
Added November 2009

Parallel Processing
Added June 2007

Data Masking
Added June 2007

Added November 2006

pH Profiles
Added August 2006

Monte Carlo Fitting
Added June 2006


Step-by-Step Example of Data Analysis in VisualEnzymics
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