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Research Institutes
National Institutes of Health
Los Alamos National Lab
Naval Research Lab
USAMRIID Ft. Detrick
The Scripps Research Institute
Affymax Research Institute
Moffit Research Institute
Fox Chase Cancer Center
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
Seattle Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center

International Research
University Laval, Canada
University of Ferrara, Italy
University of Concepcion, Spain
University of Otago, New Zealand
National Institute of Genetics, Japan
University of British Columbia, Canada
National Defense Medical Center, Taiwan
University of Seville, Spain
Mcgill University, Canada
Sapienza Universit di Roma, Italy
Max Planck Institute, Germany
Queen's University Belfast, Ireland
Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology

University of Rhode Island
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Harvard Medical School
U. of Birmingham Medical School
U. of Massachusetts Medical School
Arizona State University
University of Missouri
University of Cincinnati
Holy Cross
Auburn University
Texas Tech University
Florida State University
Middle Tennessee State University
Indiana University-Perdue University Indianapolis

Cytokinetics, Inc.
Array Biopharma
Mannkind Corporation

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