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SoftZymics provides consulting services to academic and pharmaceutical researchers who have specialized needs in data analysis. We can expand VisualEnzymics to meet your needs or develop a custom application for your research. Our scientists have expertise in steady state and transient state enzyme kinetics, equilibrium binding analysis, analysis of cell-based binding and uptake assays, design of automated enzyme assays, statistical evaluation of complex data sets, and analysis of high throughput biological data. We also have extensive experience in software design and computer programming. If your research involves biological measurements and mathematical analysis, we can develop an application that speeds your work and produces the documents that you need.

We Offer Expansion of VisualEnzymics Capabilities
  • New Statistical Analyses
  • Adding Equations and Graphs to Existing Modules
  • New Kinetic and Binding Modules
We Offer Custom Application Development Within VisualEnzymics
  • Full Custom Analysis & Reporting Modules for Your Automated Experiments
  • Modeling and Simulation of Mechanisms
  • Specialized Fitting Algorithms and Methods
  • Importing Data From Laboratory Instruments

We will deliver the system that meets your precise requirements. Please contact us to discuss your analysis needs.


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