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For enzymologists who already own Igor Pro  
VisualEnzymics - Student Personal Copy $100.00
VisualEnzymics - Academic Institutions $200.00
VisualEnzymics- Corporate Institutions $350.00
For enzymologists who do not own Igor Pro*  
VisualEnzymics and IGOR Pro - Academic Institutions $500.00
VisualEnzymics and IGOR Pro- Corporate Institutions $650.00
*Students: Order Igor Pro directly from Wavemetrics for $85.
Then return here and order VisualEnzymics for $100.
For institutional purchase orders: Please send purchase order to sales@softzymics.com

For orders by check: Please mail checks to - Softzymics, 113 Scarborough Place, Charlottesville, VA 22903

What you will receive: You will receive an electronic download of the software files and the VisualEnzymics user guide in PDF format. Also, you will receive a CD backup of the files by mail. If you have ordered Igor Pro, you will receive a download link for Igor Pro and the activation codes to install a permanent copy of Igor Pro on your computer.

Return Policy: We offer a 30 day return policy on VisualEnzymics. If VisualEnzymics does not meet your needs, please contact us at support@softzymics.com.
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